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Company Name: Nantong Yuwo Packaging Co., Ltd.

Contact: Mr. Chen

Phone: 0513-88289116

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Address: 50 meters north of National Highway 328, Hai'an, Nantong

Website: bupsterinc.com

Label: Bubble Film

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Bubble film for you to introduce the product classification of bubble film in detail, including the use, model, range, picture, news and price of all products under the bubble film . At the same time, we have also selected the industry information, price quotes, exhibition information, picture materials, etc. of the bubble film classification for you, and have been well received by users in the country. For more details, please click to visit!


      • [ Company News ] Which side of the bubble film is better for shock resistance?

        About bubble film Bubble film, also known as air cushion film, air bead, bubble roll, etc., is made of low-density polyethylene. It was a clear flexible packaging material that was widely used at the time and was widely used. The principle is that the film includes air to form bubbles to prevent the product from hitting, ensuring that the product has a maintenance effect when it is sensation, and also has the effect of heat insulation.
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