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和其他企业泡沫的区别 The difference between Yu Wo and other corporate bubbles

Born for quality, customer satisfaction is our pursuit

专业的团队为您打造高品质泡沫 Yuwo's professional team creates high-quality foam for you

Light weight, high strength, durable, factory direct sales

合作客户案例,企业实力由客户见证 Customer case of Yuwo cooperation, the strength of the company is witnessed by the customer

Faster, more efficient, quality and quantity, delivered on time


Nantong Yuwo Packaging Co., Ltd.

Nantong Yuwo Packaging Co., Ltd. is one of the Hai'an foam factory enterprises that produces various types of foam packaging products. We have a professional foam packaging product design and engineering center to customize various packaging products for customers to save packaging costs to customers to the greatest extent. Factory-YuWo sincerely cooperates with you to win-win. Our products include motor series, instrument series, solar energy series, food packaging series, ceramic glass series, precision instruments and equipment series, high-precision materials series, etc. To provide comprehensive protection for the product during transportation, foam packaging can prevent shock, dust, moisture, friction, wear, and collision. Product supply: Changzhou, Wujin, Zhenjiang, Danyang, Nanjing, Wuxi, Jiangyin, Yixing and other places, we have always taken integrity management as the foundation of enterprise development. The quality of Hai'an Foam Factory-Yuwoshi products is as important as the life of the company. Opinion and counter ...

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  • What are the advantages of packaging products in Nantong foam factory compared with other products in the packaging industry?
    The packaging products of Nantong Foam Factory are similar to other products in the packaging industry ...
    The packaging lining of Nantong Foam Factory has good softness, elasticity and flexibility. It has been a representative of environmental protection materials in the packaging field and has been widely used. What are the advantages of foam packaging products? Of course, there are some advantages of the best environmentally friendly materials. First of all, the material of this product is non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, has good ...
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