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Bubble (Poly Dragon)

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Bubble (Poly Dragon)

  • 泡沫(保利龙)
  • Category: Foam (Poly Dragon)

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  • Release Date: 2019/04/28
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Nantong Yuwo Foam Packaging Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2007. It is an enterprise that produces various types of foam packaging products. We have a professional foam packaging product design and engineering center to customize various packaging products for customers and save packaging to the greatest extent. Cost, sincere cooperation with everyone to win-win. Our products include motor series, instrumentation series, solar energy series, food packaging series, ceramic glass series, precision instruments and equipment series, high-precision materials series and so on. To provide comprehensive protection for the product during transportation, foam packaging can prevent shock, dust, moisture, friction, wear, and collision. Product supply: Nantong, Changzhou, Wujin, Zhenjiang, Danyang, Nanjing, Wuxi, Jiangyin, Yixing and other places. We have always taken integrity management as the foundation of enterprise development. We regard product quality as the life of the enterprise, and value customer opinions and feedback. After ten years of development, with the continuous support of our customers, we have made great progress. At present, we have 8 fully automatic production lines for various types of foam packaging products, which can design and produce a full range of foam packaging products. 70,000 sets of foam packaging products, we have been leading the industry's development direction, and is the largest foam packaging manufacturer in the region.

We serve new and old customers in the spirit of "integrity management, scientific and technological innovation", and constantly improve production technology and improve the internal management system of enterprises. We have passed the certification of the quality system of the foam packaging industry. We are a member of the Packaging Enterprise Federation. The management and production of the enterprise have been unanimously recognized by the industry and customers. It is a large-scale foam packaging material manufacturer that meets various production standards and safety. We mainly provide packaging materials for major electronic, electrical, mechanical, toy, food, instrumentation, fragile, precision equipment and other products. Coupled with automated production, strict quality management and fast service spirit to cooperate with the JIT and TQC policies implemented by customers, we strictly regulate the production and testing process in accordance with the quality system requirements to ensure that the product quality meets customer requirements. While continuing to develop ourselves, we strive to improve the salary and benefits of our employees. As a socially responsible company, we actively hire socially laid-off workers and people with difficulties living together to develop with the company and actively participate in various charitable activities within our capacity. Promoting environmental protection, advocating the concept of "protecting the environment and protecting homes" and promoting green production. Raw materials, production processes and products have passed environmental safety testing.

With the purpose of serving the majority of enterprises wholeheartedly, we carefully provide high-quality, humane, and market-oriented services, and constantly strengthen the inherent literacy of "Hengda" people to improve product quality and corporate reputation.

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