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  • Foam packaging green insulation material

    The “Green and Energy-Efficient Building Action Plan” formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Housing and Development for foam packaging has formed a complete set of target programs to promote green and energy-efficient buildings. The technical parameters of EPE are sponsored by the "2012 Shanghai World Ecological City Forum (ECOCitySummit)" hosted by the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Shanghai Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation Committee.
    Release time: 2019-09-21 Clicks: 14

  • Bubble film foam board pearl cotton difference

    There are two types of bubble film, one is new material, and the other is recycled material. The foam is Polylon, also known as styrofoam (not environmentally friendly). It has been a packaging material that has been banned from going abroad in 1998. Therefore, pearl cotton is a substitute for foam. EPE is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. Polyethylene foam is a non-crosslinked closed-cell structure.
    Release time: 2019-06-07 Clicks: 22

  • What exactly is an EPS foam board? What are the characteristics?

    With the introduction of domestic high-rise building insulation material standards and the gradual strengthening of the public's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, a Class A fire-resistant EPS foam board came into being. It is a kind of packaging material that is safe and fireproof, has superior performance, simple construction, high cost performance, and heat preservation. Insulation, high usage rate, but people's understanding of eps foam board is very low, today
    Release time: 2019-05-31 Click times: 42

  • In addition to foam wall insulation, it can be used in this way!

    Foam board, also known as polystyrene foam board (EPS board), is often used for exterior wall insulation. In addition to heat insulation, of course, foam board also has a strong protective effect on the building to prevent deformation of the building due to temperature differences and humidity. It is a popular building material in the construction industry. In fact, the function of foam boards is not limited to building protection. We will combine plastic foam boards below.
    Release time: 2019-05-24 Clicks: 18

  • Nantong pearl cotton bag making process and application

    Nantong pearl cotton Nantong pearl cotton: Pearl cotton bags are also called EPE bags, and pearl cotton bags are all called: EPE pearl cotton coated bags. Because the pure pearl cotton material is very easy to break, it is necessary to add a layer of PE film on the pearl cotton to increase the tensile properties and tear resistance. Achieve protection product functions. Pearl cotton bag making process: Firstly select high-quality pearl cotton (E
    Release time: 2019-04-20 Clicks: 17

  • Nantong pearl cotton tells you: the scope of application of pearl cotton

    Nantong pearl cotton pearl cotton is widely used in automotive cushions, pillows, electronic appliances, instruments, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial control cabinets, hardware lighting, crafts, glass, ceramics, home appliances, spray coating, furniture, furniture, alcohol and resin Such as high-end fragile gift packaging, hardware products, toys, melon and fruit, leather shoes packaging, daily necessities and other products packaging.
    Release time: 2019-04-20 Clicks: 22

  • Nantong pearl cotton: EPE pearl cotton material uses and advantages

    Because of its special advantages, Nantong pearl cotton EPE pearl cotton not only does not pollute the environment, but also can be recycled repeatedly. Therefore, EPE pearl cotton foam material is a new type of material that will never decline in Chaoyang. With the advancement of time and the continuous development and application of products, EPE pearl cotton foam materials will be more widely used in packaging and filling materials. Current Nantong
    Release time: 2019-04-19 Clicks: 26

  • What's the meaning of the weight in the foam packaging, Yu Wo tell you

    The "gram weight" in the foam packaging industry refers to the weight of one cubic decimeter of EPS, and the unit is "gram / cubic decimeter" (g / m3). EPS foam products have different specifications in thickness, so that the weight per unit area does not make any sense. In fact, this is a parameter indicating the density of the polystyrene board, which will affect its thermal insulation performance. The higher the weight, the better the insulation
    Release time: 2019-04-08 Clicks: 24

  • Nantong pearl cotton is a kind of environment-friendly and excellent performance packaging product

    First of all, Nantong pearl cotton is a green and pollution-free packaging product. Our Yuwo foam packaging factory has strict procurement procedures for the source material EPS of foam packaging products. The products made are non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive and have good Flame retardant performance, high temperature resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, wear resistance, not easy to wear. Some badly packaged products are prone to environmental degradation, let me
    Release time: 2019-04-08 Clicks: 22

  • EPS foam used in Nantong pearl cotton packaging is a non-toxic and harmless excellent packaging material

    Nantong pearl cotton Nantong pearl cotton is a new type of shockproof packaging material and insulation material. It has the advantages of light weight, impact resistance, easy molding, beautiful appearance, bright color, high efficiency, energy saving, low price, and wide use. Pearl cotton is an excellent packaging material, such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, electronic instruments, precision instruments, glassware, ceramic products
    Release time: 2019-04-08 Clicks: 15

  • Nantong pearl cotton pearl cotton can be in close contact with items

    With the development of domestic crafts, the import and export of crafts has reached the international level. In the process of transporting crafts, a special shaped foam packaging is required to complete the rigorous and stable packaging work.
    Release time: 2019-04-08 Clicks: 15

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