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What to do after the foam box is recycled?

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What to do after the foam box is recycled?

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1. Addition and collection of films

Film is a large part of plastic products. It has many types and generally has a short service life. It is one of the main varieties for recycling. The following is an example of its use and form. polystyrene box

(1) Agricultural film, agricultural film mainly includes mulch film and shed film. The mulch film is mainly PE film, and the shed mold has PE, PE / EVA, and PVC film. When recycling and recycling, PE and PVC film should be distinguished. Agricultural film The film is generally dirty, and often contains soil, sand, grass roots, iron nails, iron wires, etc. To remove iron impurities and clean, the recycling method is mainly granulation. If manual sorting and cleaning conditions are available, After cleaning, the dried waste film can be directly used to produce plastic products such as basins, barrels, plastic flanges, etc. by hot extrusion.

polystyrene box

The use of waste agricultural film recycled pellets is as follows

1. PE recycled pellets, PE recycled pellets can still be used to produce agricultural films, and can also be used to make fertilizer packaging bags, garbage bags, agricultural recycled water pipes, fences, tree supports, pots, buckets, garbage bins, geotechnical materials, etc.

2, PVC recycled pellets, PVC recycled pellets can be used to produce heavy packaging bags, agricultural water pipes, shoe soles, and other packaging films. Materials for packaging films include cellophane (sai), PE, PVC, PP, EVA, PVDC, PA. , PET and various composite films. A single-layer packaging film of one material can be directly made into plastic products like agricultural films after being sorted and cleaned, or made into various products after being pelletized. Composite films include composite films of different plastics and films made of plastic and paper, aluminum foil, and other materials. Recycling after recycling is more complicated, such as: multilayer plastic composite films, multilayer plastic composite films include PE / PP, PE / EVA / PE, PE / adhesive / PA / adhesive / PE, PP / PVDC, etc. Before recycling, different materials must be separated first. Separation can be performed by solvent separation.

polystyrene box

Paper-plastic composite film, paper-plastic composite film must be separated from paper-plastic before recycling. This is also the method of paper-plastic composite separation. The separation equipment is a chrome-plated hollow barrel with electric heating. The barrel is equipped with a blade. The hollow cylinder, the cylinder and the hollow cylinder rotate in opposite directions. The crushed paper-plastic mixture is added to the cylinder. After the plastic on the heated mixture in the cylinder is melted, the material is discharged from the lower part of the cylinder. The air in the hollow cylinder Take the exhaust away.

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