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Pearl cotton product features

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Pearl cotton product features

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EPE pearl cotton gluing machine is a coating machine developed for the need to apply hot sol (especially some sheets that are difficult to handle by hand) on a large area of pearl cotton (sponge, EVA). It is convenient to use and very efficient. high. It is especially suitable for EPE pearl cotton industry for deep processing (assembly, assembly, bonding, bonding, compounding). The glue design can be adjusted according to the needs of the product and the different materials. The thickness of the glue can be adjusted. Closed, not easy to leak glue, easy to clean glue; Roller bearing plug-in design, long life, low failure, maintenance can be carried out in the state of melted glue, without affecting production; completely solve the phenomenon of temperature overshoot, no yellow glue, with anti-shovel High temperature resistance does not drop the coating, does not change color and black for many years; more importantly, it is evenly coated, high efficiency, and can reduce a lot of manual investment.

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