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One-size-fits-all incentives for bubble packaging manufacturers are not desirable

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One-size-fits-all incentives for bubble packaging manufacturers are not desirable

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Philosophically speaking, no two leaves are the same, in fact the same is true of people. No two people are exactly the same. Although we say that things are grouped together and people are grouped, people in the same group will be very different.
The same incentive cannot be applied to the same two people, so do not use the same incentive method for different people, otherwise employees will misunderstand the intention of the management staff, causing unnecessary trouble.
Comparing two employees and saying the same thing to them is even more taboo in the workplace.
Zhu has been a manager of a foam packaging factory for many years. He is very confident in his management methods, especially in motivating employees. He feels that he is smart and can inspire every employee with constant response. This year, there are two new employees in bubble packaging manufacturers, one is Xiaotong and the other is Xiaohui. Two people are in the same department and doing the same job. In the first year, both of them performed well, but in order to make the two employees better and more outstanding, Zhu thought of a trick.
Zhu first called Xiaotong to his office and said to Xiaotong, "Xiaotong, what do you think of your work this year? I think your level of work is not as good as that of Xiaohui. Our foam packaging manufacturers are actually not short of staff. Yes, but in terms of your hard work, I told the leader for a long time before I left you, but the year-end award will be less. "After that, I took out a thin red envelope and handed it to Xiao Tong . Xiaotong was frightened when he heard the words in front, but heard the words turning in the back. And there is a red envelope, thank Zhu Dade, said a lot of thanks. After a while, Zhu called Xiaohui into the office again, and said the same thing to Xiaohui, Xiaohui also thanked Dum for Zhu and said he would work harder and live up to his expectations. Zhu was very proud of this move, not only saved a large bonus, but also inspired two newcomers.
What Zhu did not expect was that Xiaotong listened to Zhu that he was not as good as Xiaohui. In order to improve his work ability, he sincerely learned from Xiaohui and asked how Xiaohui can do the job well. Saying and telling. Xiaohui was surprised to hear Xiaotong's words, because Zhu also said the same to her. After the two exchanged, they discovered Zhu's tactics and resigned together early next year.
Instead of being clever, clever, Zhu's behavior may seem clever, but in fact it is extremely stupid. Be honest and motivate your employees. Motivate different employees with the same language. When they are dismantled, it is not just the embarrassment that is difficult to resolve, but the employee's departure.
Treating employees with different personalities also requires different ways of motivating them. The same person has different kinds of people. Different people have different values, outlooks on life, and their psychological endurance are completely different. The same thing may be a good cure for some people, but it may be the last straw that crushes him for others.
Jiang and Sun are top students in software technology at a university. They entered the same software bubble packaging manufacturer specializing in outsourcing to Japan. Due to the heavy tasks of foam packaging manufacturers, they often need to work overtime, and it is common to work until the early hours of the morning. The two people who have never done such high-intensity work are a little overwhelmed for a while, but they still work hard to persevere, but after a long time, people will slowly become lazy, and their work efficiency will decrease.
In the face of this situation, the department manager specifically found the two of them and started a conversation with them. Tell them to work hard, only in this industry can a good future. The two had a deep feeling for the manager's words and nodded again and again until the end of the conversation. The manager said that if the work efficiency of the two of them continued to decline, which was less than the task requirements, they should be fired.
The manager's words had very different effects on the two. Sun's family conditions are not very good. He has spent a lot of money on home for him to go to college. He hopes to make more money and give back to his family. He is afraid that he will lose the job. This high-intensity work successfully completed the task. And Jiang Lai Liu, who was pretty good since he was a kid, murmured that he was still in the internship period and had to do such a heavy job with a small salary. The leader not only did not care about him, but also threatened to fire him. Crushing. So, he didn't wait for the foam packaging manufacturer to fire him, he voluntarily resigned.
It can be seen that different personalities and concepts determine people's different views on the problem. If you fail to complete a task, you should be fired. You can change one's attitude and work hard, or you can resent oneself and resign automatically. So when motivating employees, if they can't understand the characteristics of each employee, they must be firm and soft, and sing together with red faces and black faces. Singing dark faces will make employees with less strong will retreat, while blindly singing red faces will make inert employees less motivated.
In terms of rewards and penalties, managers can't cut everything. Simply drawing a line for rewards and punishments, employees who pass the reward line will be fearless, while employees who pass the punishment line will lose something, which will not work well.
As a newly established design foam packaging manufacturer did not have a standardized reward and punishment system, employees were free to go to work every morning, and the phenomenon of being late often happened. Although you are not late for a long time, most of them are between 5-10 minutes, but the manager feels that this attitude is not conducive to work. So I wanted to come up with a proper punishment plan to get employees active and reduce lateness in the morning. After a few days, the foam packaging manufacturer's punishment rules for lateness came out, for all employees who were late. 50 yuan deduction is required. This rule was effective in the beginning, but it became less and less useful later. Moreover, the lateness of employees has become worse, and the lateness time has changed from 5-10 minutes to 30-50 minutes.
The managers were puzzled and asked many late employees privately, only to find that there were problems with the rules and regulations. At the beginning, employees were very concerned about being deducted for being late. Knowing that you are going to be late, you will make an effort to rush to the foam packaging manufacturer, so even if you are late, the time of late is generally not too long. But after the new regulations came out, employees often found themselves late when they rushed to the foam packaging manufacturers, thinking that the money had been withheld anyway, so what are they anxious? So they went to the foam packaging manufacturers leisurely, even knowing themselves If you are late, you will have a good breakfast before you go to work.
In response to this phenomenon, the management staff immediately adjusted the punishment mechanism for lateness, and 5-10 minutes for lateness was not deducted from wages, which is a safety category. A late payment of 30 minutes for deductions will be deducted from 50 yuan. If you are late for more than 30 minutes, your salary will be deducted for the entire day.
Is this foolproof? Not necessarily. After a few days, long delays were reduced, but more and more employees were on leave. Many employees who are more than 30 minutes late are thinking that today ’s salary is gone, so take the opportunity to take a day off and take a good rest. With the first lesson. The management immediately took corresponding measures to allow each employee to take leave once a week and withhold one day's salary. If he took two days a week leave, he would be given two days' salary with the second leave.
In this way, the system of late and leave for foam packaging manufacturers was officially formulated, and the phenomenon of leave and late was effectively controlled.
A one-size-fits-all punishment is just as unreasonable as a one-size-fits-all reward. These one-size-fits-all policies will only allow employees who linger on the punishment line and reward line to choose faster which side they stand on, and they will not pay special attention to the future.
Only by establishing a hierarchical and hierarchical reward and punishment system can we really have the effect of motivating employees. Activated carbon cover business management: incentives do not represent rewards

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