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Foam packaging enterprises should be low-key and pragmatic to avoid making big moves

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Foam packaging enterprises should be low-key and pragmatic to avoid making big moves

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In the initial development stage, the managers of bubble packaging enterprises are weak, so they must always remember to be careful and keep a low profile. But after the business became bigger, some bubble packaging company managers began to flutter and become mad. Promising managers of bubble packaging companies know how to be low-key and stick to their duties at all times. Even if they have a wealth of money, they will not show publicity, let alone a blind eye.
Those well-known companies are family members. They all have to keep their heart in the face of money. Even with their wealth, they are also low-key and down-to-earth people. In the shopping mall, there are many people who started their business from the stand. They can go to today and gradually develop into a predator in the shopping mall, relying on the persistence of doing business. In a shopping mall, to see if a company is practical, it depends on how it treats consumers. Many companies usually use the slogan "Customer is God", but companies that really think about consumers are rare. In fact, consumers are smart people, they will not be deceived by those false advertisements. Lu Yao knows horsepower and sees people's hearts for a long time. Only down-to-earth merchants can always win the favor of consumers.
Ding Lei, president of NetEase, once said, "Who knows who the bosses of such big international companies as Procter & Gamble and 3M are? There is no necessary connection between successful companies and well-known bosses. Individual 'players' like exposure is his own business. Be low-key as much as possible. ”In fact, low-key is the choice of many large company bosses. Many bosses will avoid excessive exposure and will not be entangled by the media all day. They know that only low-key and pragmatic can avoid arrogance.
Although Ding Lei is the owner of Netease, he never shows, and he does not like to promote himself in the spotlight. He often keeps a low profile and avoids affecting his decisions in daily affairs. All this is because he has suffered losses in the media. He sent emails to users, and the media said that he was "canvassing"; Netease misreported his income, and the media said that he had "problems with integrity"; when he spoke in a foreign language, the media said that he was "pretentious"; The next day, the most "goodwill" title he saw was "Lei Xuexue's" Sell Yourself ".
It was these things that made Ding Lei learn to be modest and cautious, and kept him out of the sight of the media. Ding Lei kept a certain distance from the media and was low-key and pragmatic in El affairs. He knows that three people become tigers. If NetEase is to succeed, it needs to be a low-key person and usually say less and do more. He became more like a hermit, "big hidden in the city, small hidden in the forest." When the market has big movements, he comes forward, but nothing happens. He was not seen in the media and he often stayed away.
Ding Lei's success today is thanks to his usual low-key pragmatism, which avoids making big moves. This should be the case for a boss. Don't pay too much attention to fame and fortune, and make yourself a low-key boss.
Managers of bubble-packed enterprises should not value falsified reputation, but should value real profits. In fact, marvelousness and fame are natural things. As long as the managers of a bubble packaging company strive to profit and create wealth, while fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities, the fame of individuals and businesses will naturally come without the need for media. Hype and publicity. If reputation does not have the support of strength, it can only be an attic in the sky, which will collapse at any time.
Business managers of bubble packaging companies need to face the bright and colorful world every day, and it is difficult to stabilize their mentality from the restless mood and many desires. The success of a foam packaging company's managers is to keep a low profile and act in a low-key manner. The managers of a foam packaging company should always adjust their mindset and maintain a low-key attitude in order to succeed. People and things are often interconnected. Only by cooperating with each other can we go step by step on the road of doing business. Some white carbon businesses do n’t make much money

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