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How to package bubble film, how to use bubble film package

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How to package bubble film, how to use bubble film package

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How to package bubble film and how to use bubble film. First of all, let us understand what is bubble film. Bubble film is a kind of packaging material made of PE. It is usually used for express and logistics transportation protection packaging. When the goods are packed, the bubble film is used for buffer protection, which can ensure the safety of product transportation, avoid product damage during transportation, and reduce the loss of merchants.

How is the bubble film packed? Most of the bubble film is used for product wrapping and bedding inside the box. The purpose is to isolate the product to be protected from the packaging container, to avoid bumping damage and squeezing and scratching during transportation, handling and stacking. Or it can be used to fill the gaps in the packaging container to avoid excessive shaking of the product during transportation and ensure the safe transportation of the product.

So how to apply packaging bubble film to better protect the product? Businesses need to take into account the characteristics of their products, such as whether the product material is fragile and whether the shape is square. Fragile products need more main buffer packaging. Product packaging needs to be wrapped with bubble film in all directions, and if the packaging container has enough space, wrap it a few more times.

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