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Reasonable use of small household appliance packaging

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Reasonable use of small household appliance packaging

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1. The way to unpack small appliances:

Many friends unpack small appliances by damaging the packaging and removing packaging tape. This is actually a wrong approach. The correct method is to use a small knife (a paper knife is recommended) to cut the packing seal of the small household appliance package, and then open the package and take out the appliance. The advantage of this is that it does not damage the product packaging and is more suitable for future use of the packaging.

2. Reuse of small household appliance packaging:

In many articles, I have repeatedly reminded everyone * to pack the small appliances in order to get the "fit" packaging when you need to store the small appliances to optimize the storage conditions. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not easily discard the outer packaging of Xiaojia, and try to disassemble and flatten the packaging as much as possible to ensure that the outer packaging can be reused.

3. Shelf life of small household appliance packaging:

Even if you do not want to keep the outer packaging of small household electrical appliances at home, you should pay attention to keeping the product packaging as intact as possible during the three guarantee period of the product, because once the product has quality problems, no outsourcing may cause troubles for return and exchange. This is very important and we must keep in mind.

Basic functions of small appliance packaging

1. Protection function (basic function)

2. Convenient functions (easy transportation, convenient rough storage, convenient sales, convenient private use)

3. Promotion function (stimulate and guide consumers to purchase)

4, saving function

5.Information function

Small appliances are green, environmentally friendly, streamlined, humane, and home-friendly. In the packaging of small appliances, they should focus on the characteristics of green, friendly, warm, soft, and compact. They should be based on natural and environmentally friendly colors, showing simple products , Lovely characteristics, taking into account the harmony with the family environment and atmosphere.

The design of luxury home appliances usually uses the product image as the theme of the screen. The product displays a front elevation or a 454-degree elevation, which is intuitive and visible. Consumers can clearly understand the product information from the product elevation to meet the requirements. The desire of consumers to see and do.

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