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Nantong Foam Factory tells you: do you make raw materials for packaging production?

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Nantong Foam Factory tells you: do you make raw materials for packaging production?

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A foam packaging is very important for our packaging work, because some of our daily life or glass crafts, if there is no packaging product to protect them during transportation, it is likely to be affected by the outside world. Rupture or damage.
For high-quality packaging products, it needs to have several characteristics, that is, its thermal insulation, cold insulation, and shock absorption effects must meet standards. Because the current transportation process often causes product damage due to road bumps, in order to be able to To avoid these situations, the product must be packaged.It has a good shock absorption effect during transportation, so that it can ensure that it has a shock absorption buffer effect when it is impacted by external forces, protecting the product from Damage occurs under the influence of external forces. In order to ensure an application effect and characteristics of the product, the selection of materials in our company's production process is very strict. Packaging products made of foam have a lighter texture. In addition, it has a good anti-seismic decompression effect, and its sealing performance is relatively good, so it can achieve a very good and stable thermal insulation effect.

In addition, the foam packaging products of our Nantong foam factory also have very good corrosion resistance and aging resistance.It is also very effective in protecting some electronic products such as mobile phones and notebooks, because this foam product has been After the special process, its antistatic ability is very stable, and it is very safe and stable during the transportation of some electrical products.

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