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How does the packaging product of Hai'an Foam Factory achieve the function of noise reduction?

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How does the packaging product of Hai'an Foam Factory achieve the function of noise reduction?

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At present, noise pollution in cities has become a social problem, and how to reduce the noise pollution in cities has become a common concern of every citizen. In the following, Hai'an Foam Factory-Yuwo will introduce to you how foam packaging products achieve noise reduction.

The noise reduction function of the foam products of Hai'an Foam Factory is mainly reflected in its absorption of sound energy. The principle of noise reduction is to convert the energy of sound energy into heat energy. According to the principle of energy conservation, this foam packaging material not only has noise reduction Function can also play a better thermal insulation effect. Why does foam packaging products have noise reduction function? This is due to the effectiveness of foam packaging products. According to the different principles of noise reduction, foam packaging products can be divided into porous sound-absorbing materials and resonance sound-absorbing structural materials. According to the name, we can easily understand the principle of material noise reduction. Of course, in terms of current developments, multi-empty sound-absorbing materials are more extensive. With the continuous development of society and the continuous progress of technology, new types of composite noise reduction materials have gradually come into being. But no matter how the foam packaging material develops, one thing is undeniable, that is, the noise reduction effect of foam packaging is worthy of recognition.


Nantong Foam Factory

It can be seen that foam packaging products play a very good role in urban noise reduction. In the future development of foam packaging, Yuwo believes that the function of foam packaging should be improved to make it better and more effective. Practical effect.

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